Realisability of Global Models of Interaction

ICTAC 2023

Branching pomsets: design, expressiveness and applications to choreographies

JLAMP 2023

VALU3S (2020-2023)

__Verification and Validation of Automated Systems Safety and Security__ - is an H2020 ECSEL JU project that aims to evaluate the state-of-the-art V&V methods and tools, and design a multi-domain framework to create a clear structure around the components and elements needed to conduct the V&V process.

Caos: A Reusable Scala Web Animator of Operational Semantics


Can we Communicate? Using Dynamic Logic to Verify Team Automata

FM 2023

Secure integration of extremely resource-constrained nodes on distributed ROS2 applications

Spreadsheet-based Configuration of Families of Real-Time Specifications


MARS: a toolset for the safe and secure deployment of heterogeneous distributed systems


ST4MP: A Blueprint of Multiparty Session Typing for Multilingual Programming

ISoLA 2022

API Generation for Multiparty Session Types, Revisited and Revised Using Scala 3

ECOOP 2022