API Generation for Multiparty Session Types, Revisited and Revised Using Scala 3

Verification of Multiple Models of a Safety-Critical Motor Controller in Railway Systems

Featured Team Automata

FM 2021

Hubs for VirtuosoNext: Online verification of real-time coordinators

SCP 2021

Work-In-Progress: a DSL for the safe deployment of Runtime Monitors in Cyber-Physical Systems


Implementing Hybrid Semantics: From Functional to Imperative

ICTAC 2020

Verification of Real-Time Coordination in VirtuosoNext (extended version)

VirtuosoNextTM is a distributed real-time operating system (RTOS) featuring a generic programming model dubbed Interacting Entities. This paper focuses on these interactions, implemented as so-called Hubs. Hubs act as synchronisation and …

Reassure (07/2018-now)

__Running Secure Runtime Verification for Reliable Real-Time Embedded Software__ - is an FCT project that proposes a novel framework for Runtime Verification of Real-Time Embedded Systems.

ARx: Reactive Programming for Synchronous Connectors


Implementing Hybrid Semantics: From Functional to Imperative (Extended Version)

CoRR 2020