Lince - programming with differential equations (video)

Lince provides a set of online tools to simulate and analyse hybrid programs, which are simple c-like programs where some variables can sometimes evolve according to a system of differential equations. You can experiment with it in, or you can download it and run it locally.

This talk provides an overview of how to use Lince, and lists possible challenges that could be pursued by BSc or MSc students.

The slides are available online.

José Proença
José Proença
Assistant Researcher

José Proença is an assistant researcher and invited professor at Instituto Politécnico do Porto Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto, working in the Research Center in Real-Time & Embedded Computing Systems, investigating mainly coordination aspects and formal methods in the context of Cyber-Physical Systems. He is actively involved in a H2020 project and in 2 FCT projects, in one of which as coordinator. He currently belongs to the steering committee of 2 international conferences in fundamental computer science, he chaired the program committee of 5 international research venues with edited proceedings, edited 2 journal volumes, and was the member of 16 program-committees of international venues.