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I am currently a postdoc at CISTER, ISEP, Portugal, working on formal models for component-based systems. Until January 2019 I worked in HASLab, University of Minho, working with Luís Barbosa, and was affiliated with Distrinet, KU Leuven, until January 2016, working mainly with Danny Hughes and Dave Clarke. My work has been mainly on coordination of distributed components, often associated to the Reo coordination language, and on formal approaches to software product line engineering. More recently I have been working on component models for embedded devices in the context of the LooCI middleware and micro PnP (now part of VersaSense), and in the context of the VirtuosoNext RTOS.

Before I graduated in University of Minho, Portugal, for a 5 year degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. I studied abroad for 6 months as an Erasmus student in Bristol University, UK. I defended my PhD in Leiden University in May 2011, for my work carried in CWI, Amsterdam, in the group for Foundations of Software Engineering.

My Curriculum Vitae can be downloaded as pdf.

Research Interests

  • Software engineering
  • Concurrency
  • Coordination models
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Product line engineering
  • Formal methods
  • Functional programming languages
  • Programming in Scala



PC duties
I am part of the program committee of the events:


I reviewed several papers, including for the following venues:
FM '16,18; AlgoSensors '18; FACS '08,12,14,18; FORTE '13,17,18; FOCLASA '06,12,13,14,15,17,18; SCP (Elsevier journal) '11,13,14,18; Inf. and Comp. (Elsevier journal) 18; SoSyM (Springer journal) '14,18; PhD-iFM '18; SEFM '17; FSEN '07,13,15,17; FASE '17; JLAMP (Elsevier journal) '14,15,17; JSS (Elsevier journal) '17; FM '16; COORDINATION '08,09,12,13,15,16; SBCAR '16; SBLP '16; ESOP '12,16; COMLAN (Elsevier journal) '15; FAOC (Springer journal) '15; ECOOP '15; JSC (Elsevier journal) '14; iFM '13; FORTE '13; ICFEM '12; Distributed Computing (Springer journal) '11; ICSOFT '11; SAC '11; SCICO '09,10; TOOLS '09;


I co-supervised the following master projects: Delta Modelling Evaluation using ABS Language (2011/2012); Encoding Scala with Logic (2013/2014); and A reactive, extensible & modular Dashboard Factory for WSN monitoring (2014/2015).

I was part of the Ph.D. Council of the Institute for Programming research and Algorithmics (IPA)


  • LightKone (Dec. 2016-present), Lightweight computation for networks at the edge is a H2020 european project aiming at investigating models for programming edge networks. An edge network is a large set of heterogeneous, loosely coupled computing nodes situated at the logical extreme of a network, including networks of Internet of Things and mobile devices.
  • DaVinci (PI) (Jul. 2017-present), Distributed Architectures: Variability and Interaction for Cyber-Physical Systems is an FCT project, lead by me, that proposes to investigate interactions between distributed software components targeting Cyber Physical Systems.
  • KLEE (Jun. 2017-present), Coalgebraic Modeling and Analysis for Computational Synthetic Biology is an FCT project that proposes to investigate coalgebraic models and logics for synthetic biological devices.
  • TRUST (Sep. 2016-present), Trustworthy Software Design with Alloy is an FCT project that proposes to investigate lightweight approaches to verify software systems via the Alloy toolset, considering aspects such as variability of systems.
  • EMD (2015-2016), Elastic Media Distribution for Online Collaboration is a ICON project, Funded by iMinds and IWT (Belgium), and investigates how professional A/V systems can be integrated into corporate and public networks.
  • TRANSITION (2014-2015), From Ad-Hoc Code Development To Code Reuse Through Middleware For Networked Embedded Control Systems. It is an IOF (Industrial Research Fund) project funded by KU Leuven, targeting the collaborations between the PMA and the Distrinet groups aiming at technology transfer.
  • HATS (2010-2013), Highly Adaptable and Trustworthy Software using Formal Models is an Integrated Project supported by the 7th Framework Programme of the EC within the FET (Future and Emerging Technologies) scheme. The final report evaluated as "Excelent" the project outcome.
  • DesignerTypeLabs (2010-2013), Hybrid Enforcement and Certification of Domain Specific Program Annotations is a BOF/START project funded by KU Leuven university.
  • PURe (2003-2005), Program Understanding and Re-engineering: Calculi and Applications, is an FCT project POSI/ICHS/44304/2002 aiming at developing calculi for program understanding and re-engineering.
  • Reo project is an ongoing project aiming at being the core reference for Reo-related advances and tools.


  • Email: firstname AT lastname DOT org
  • Office: S206
  • Address:
    CISTER Research Centre Building
    Rua Alfredo Allen, 535